Security protection measures
Security protection measures

Company Armor Engineering engaged in the designing, manufacture and installation of various types of protective constructions - armored cashbox cabs, vault rooms, safe rooms, repository of values, depositories, guard posts.

Our company develops, manufactures and installs the following protective constructions of bank:

  1. Cashboxes, armored cashbox cabs, cabins cashier
  2. Currency exchange offices, pawn shops, jewelry stores
  3. Safe rooms, depositaries, repositories of values
  4. Security posts and security checkpoints
  5. Burglar-proof and bullet-proof constructions
  6. Panic rooms, safety rooms

Cashboxes and armored cashbox rooms

Cashboxes, cashbox rooms

Armored cashbox room (cabs) - a room with a certain level of protection, which is ensuring worker safety and the safety of cash and documents. Cabin cashier is built in the premises of bank and has burglar-proof an bullet-proof shell. Armored cashbox cabs is equipped with a mandatory minimum - armored door, bullet-proof windows and the transfer device. At the request of the customer cashbox is equipped with the collector transfer gateway to transfer large sums of money or objects (collection bags).

Cashboxes outside the bank cashier are a special premises with the necessary level of engineering and technical protection, and are also equipped with armored door, bullet-proof window, transfer devices and burglar-proof safes. Cashboxes outside the bank cashier are often installed in shopping malls, stores, public areas, car dealerships.

Cashboxes outside the bank cashier are made only from certified materials, which allows further carry out the procedure targeted certification. Targeted certificate for cashbox (safe room, repository of values) has a serial product certificates (burglarproof and bulletproof protective panels, steel doors, bulletproof window, a transfer device, a butt joint). This package of documents necessary for the successful pass of the premises in the Central Bank of Russian Federation.

Vault rooms, repository of values and safe rooms

Vault rooms and safe rooms

Vault rooms, repository of values and safe room - it is a burglar-proof premise with a base area of not less than 2 m2 for storing of values, documents and information medium. For these premises establishes requirements of V (fifth) to XIII (thirteen) class of protection according to ГОСТ Р 51113-97.

Vault rooms, repositories of values and safe room can be modular and monolithic. Monolithic repositories are formed at the site of construction of the building method.

Modular vault rooms and safe rooms have a series of advantages:

  1. Production speed of shell elements
  2. Construction of repository of values in any premise, including in cramped conditions
  3. Speed assembly shell elements of repository
  4. Ability to work at low temperatures
  5. Ability dismantling of repository of values
  6. No need for construction machinery and a large number of labor force

Vault rooms, repositories of values and safe rooms built from a special set of elements - vault panels made on a pre-approved terms of reference. Protective panels are manufactured in our production, delivered by motor transport (or other types of delivery) to the object, where our specialists will make assembly of the repository of values.

Installation of repository is done by means of mechanization - hoists, winches, trolleys. Direct connection between panels is made by means of welding or by means of a special locking system (bolted).

An additional advantages of the modular repositories of values an safe rooms is possible to combine the protective panels used for the construction of shell repository and existing building constructions - walls, floor, ceiling. This combination reduces the cost of equipment and works without compromising the final result - the targeted certificate on repository of values.



Depositary - it is a premise for keeping of cash, documents, objects of values for the clients of bank. The depositary consist of two rooms - depositary is made of shell II, III or V class of burglar-proof according to ГОСТ Р 51113-97 and pre-depositary (room conversation values), which is made from the shell I,II class of burglar-proof.

Depositary needed for keeping of securities, documents, jewelry, cash. It is being built in premise of bank. Valuables are kept in safes and deposit boxes. At the request of the customer, premise of depositary is also subject to the expertise and issuance of targeted certificate, which is confirming the level of security of premise.

Our company produces all the elements necessary to install of depositary in any premises. The premise of depository consist of a set of equipment - protective panels, armored door, lattice door. For conduction into the premise all the necessary communications, we produce special mortgage details "ducks", allowing to organize input into the shell of depositary all communications - ventilation, smoke removal, electricity, telephone, alarm and access control.

At the entrance to pred-depository (conversation room), we can install a security booth, which eliminates the penetration malefactor inside of the depositary at the same time with an employee or customer of the bank, taking the man hostage.

All protective constructions are designed an manufactured according to the activity profile of a particular the premise of bank, cashbox, pawn shop, jewelry stores. Preliminary approval, examination of existing premises, issuance recommendations and conducting out design work - it is the minimum necessary in order to develop an individual project to strengthen the technical premises of the customer.

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