Security protection measures
Security protection measures

Company Armor Engineering engaged in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of deposit boxes (deposit modules).

Deposit boxes

Deposit boxes - individual deposit boxes are located in a special premises of the bank - the repository of values customers, depository. Deposit boxes are designed for storage of personal values of clients (money, precious metals, securities and other tangible values). Responsibility for the safety of the client values lies with the organization in which the modules are located (banks, hotels, railway, station, other financial institution). Therefore in the interest of the institution of provide reliable protection and conservation values, even in the event of unforeseen emergencies and does not betray the trust of customers and to secure a positive reputation.

Deposit boxes

Deposit boxes usually have different sizes. There are small deposit boxes for storing documents and small items. There are large deposit boxes for storing bags, large items. Deposit modules may consist of a plurality of different deposit boxes. Deposit modules are combined into a deposit racks designed for compact arrangement of safe deposit boxes in a repository of values. Every deposit box has with a case and a two-key lock "master client", which opens the personal by the bailee institution and directly by the client. This system allows you to control access to each deposit box and prevent access by unauthorized persons to the deposit box.

Installing deposit boxes in the repository based on the principle of separation into sections. It is very easy and profitable for customers and for institution, which provides of services. Different sizes of safes allow you to store small items and large values. Using reliable high-quality locks Sargent & Greenleaf (Kaba Mayer, Home, Abloy, Miles), reinforced walls and doors of the deposit box serve as an excellent guarantee the integrity and security of client savings, and hence-the credibility and reliability of the company, which was chosen people.

Equipment and additional features of the deposit boxes:

  1. Steel housing of module
  2. 3-mm thickness of the door of the deposit box made of stainless steel
  3. Concealed hinges
  4. Lock and key of "client-master" type
  5. Adjusting the door of each deposit box
Deposit boxes

The construction of the deposit rack (or columns)- are modules with deposit boxes, each of which has an individual door, which is equipped by one (or two, according to customer`s request) mechanical locks. Deposit racks attach to the other racks, forming a solid wall of depositary. Side racks can be decorated by side plates made of stainless steel.

At the request of the customer deposit modules can be installed in the special deposit safes specified protection class (I to V class of security). This safe is applied in case when repository has not shell storage (or the repository itself) and the requirement to provide a high class burglar-proof of deposit boxes.

Our company is engaged not only delivery and installation of deposit boxes, but and their subsequent warranty. Especially for our customers we provide a series of basic and additional services:

  1. The installation is fully staffed deposit boxes at the right size according to requirements of the customer
  2. Expansion of premises by new sections of deposit boxes at right size
  3. Safe may have number or doors with engraved numbering
  4. Replacing old or a failed hardware (locks, hinges)
  5. Autopsy of deposit boxes in case of emergency, as well as the manufacture of new keys in case of loss
  6. Repairs during the installation and testing of serviceability deposit boxes
  7. Conducting engineering measurement, inspection premises , issuing recommendations for technical reinforcement
  8. Development of project documentation and 3D-visualization for the organization of repository of values, safe rooms, depositary
  9. Construction of the repository of values of clients and depository any sizes and given class of burglar-proof (I-VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII - upon request)
Deposit boxes

Our company is pleased to offer you a full complex on construction and equipment of depository, repository of values of clients, larder of value or safe rooms a given class burglar-proof - from the construction of armored walling walls, floor and ceiling, to the selection of the required number of deposit boxes an related accessories.

Our company also provides services for the development of non-standard equipment for repository of values, depositories, safe rooms, provides services for the installation and dismantling of deposit boxes and modules, emergency opening doors of deposit boxes (also safe doors, doors of depository of values) without breaking the construction of door.

We hope this information will be interesting and useful for you, please, contact our experts on the issue of cooperation in the production of deposit boxes be the phone:
8-495-409-13-53 or mail

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