Security protection measures
Security protection measures

Company Armor Engineering engaged in the designing, supply, installation and subsequent repair of various types of automatic road blockers (bollards) Pilomat and other fences versus battering ram and devices.


Bollards - is the most effective option fences versus battering ram, designed to prevent unauthorized access road transport to the protected territories. These devices help to ensure a high level of safety of buildings and enclosed territories, creating an obstacle for approaching dangerous cars.

There is a large model range of bollards and fences versus battering ram, each model is applied depending on the degree of potential risk and the required level of safety of the facility.

Italian bollards Pilomat - it is a functional automatic devices which are intended for such purposes as:

  1. Blocking access road transport to certain zones and objects
  2. Organization of anti-terrorist protection
  3. Reserving parking places

Series automatic blockers Pilomat incorporates such a device which can raise the movable portion at a height of from 400 to 1200 mm and fix it on the lifting height.

Bollards can completely replace the usual barriers and other obstacles, while having a high degree of aesthetics.

Bollards are the most effective and functional road blockers, which are successfully used in the city and beyond. Bollard is driven by a powerful hydraulic or pneumatic actuator, by which rise and fall of its retractable part. It is driven by command any convenient way - running with the remote, key FOB, in recognizing the license plate of the car, other control systems and access control


Road blockers Pilomat can be equipped with various devices and options. One of the most essential options for Russia is a built-in heating system of the bollard, which allows him to work in the range from -30 to +60 degrees. Important options is also audible and visual alarm, built-in pump for pumping wastewater.

Bollards can be painted in any color or finish stainless steel. The company Pilomat also offers customers a service application of any of the logo on the body of the bollard, or even making outdoor cap engraved with the logo of the client.

Scope application of bollards is so vast that it is difficult to enumerate all the objects where they are needed. Even the most modest list will consist of a large number of points:

  1. Manor houses, cottages, country houses
  2. Parking of road transports, parking
  3. Warehouses and industrial premises
  4. Industrial zones
  5. Airports and railway stations
  6. The pedestrian zones
  7. Supermarkets and shopping complex
  8. Shopping centers
  9. Markets
  10. Parks and recreation zones
  11. Federal highways
  12. The underground
  13. Halt of public transports
  14. Exhibitions and galleries
  15. Places of a mass congestion of people
  16. Administrative objects
  17. The residence of the presidents of the republics
  18. Government buildings
  19. Embassies and diplomatic missions
  20. Hydroelectric and nuclear power stations
  21. Buildings or other objects that represent the national and cultural heritage

Among the advantages of bollards Pilomat it should be noted data quality auto accessories:

  1. The ability to provide protection against any possible intrusion into protected its zone
  2. High resistance of fences versus battering ram
  3. Easy maintenance during operation
  4. High efficiency of the bollard and reliability of its constructions
  5. Durability of its constituent parts and mechanisms
  6. Opportunity to look good in the urban and suburban landscape
  7. The ability to attach an object, near which they are installed, the special status

In contrast to the barriers, bollards do not interfere with the movement of pedestrians. It can be used for various architecture solutions.

The successful application of automatic bollards Pilomat is possible in zones of heavy traffic, where other similar devices can not be used because the rate of lowering and raising the movable part of the device - 100 mm per second. It is possible to man up bollards special devices. If necessary, it will reduce to 0.7 seconds time for which can be raised sliding part.

For more information on the submitted of automatic bollards Pilomat and answers to all questions, as well as consultation on cooperation can be obtained in our company.

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