Security protection measures
Security protection measures

Company Armor Engineering engaged in the designing, manufacture and installation of protective armored panels.

Armored burglar-proof and bullet-proof panel

Metal and reinforced armored panels manufactured by our company are certified by I, II, III, V, VI,VII of classes of resistance to cracking ГОСТ Р 51113-97 and 1, 2, 3, 5, 5A, 6 and 6A of class protection bullet-proof ГОСТ Р 51112-97. Armored panels are also used to strengthen the walls and partitions of buildings with restricted access (cash box, safe rooms, depository, repository of values bank an customers, exchange offices, storage rooms of weapons and drugs, guard posts).

Armored vault panels, burglar-proof and bullet-proof protective panels needed to perform works on strengthening technical facilities of credit institutions, banks, branch offices, cash processing centers, state cash protesting centers and internal divisions, in accordance with Annex №1 to Bank of Russia №318-П of 24.04.2008. "On the order of cash transactions and the rules of storage, transportation an collection of banknotes and coins of the Bank of Russia from credit institutions in the Russian Federation", "Requirements for the premises to carry out operations with the values and the software and hardware tools of credit institutions, the internal division".

Armored vault protective panels are used for engineering and technical strengthening of different types of premises:

  1. Safety cabins, cash box, armored cash box cabins and armored partitions
  2. Safe rooms
  3. Enclosing constructions, partitions
  4. Bank counters
  5. Guards hideouts, checkpoints
  6. Repository cash of bank, viewing corridors and areas
  7. Repository cash of customers
  8. Vault rooms
  9. Gateways, portals and inspection repositories and areas
  10. Entrance groups
  11. Storage rooms drugs
  12. Storage rooms weapons
  13. Zone 24
  14. Premises for transaction with cash
  15. Shooting ranges and shooting zones
  16. Jewelry shops, salons, pawn shops
  17. Storage of confidential documents, products
  18. Special storage of explosives, toxic, bacteriological, toxic substances and preparation
  19. Special depository libraries and museums
Armored burglar-proof and bullet-proof panel

Protective armored vault panels are recommended to be used for protection against criminal attacks on the lives of citizens, of cash and valuables in the design of buildings, premises and other facilities according to the guidance document РД 78.36.003-2002 "Engineering and technical protection. Technical means of protection. The requirements and standards design of facilities for protection from criminal attacks".

Vault panels are used for the construction and strengthening of building structures of external and internal walls and partitions for object and are defined protection class AI ,AII, БI, БII.

The use of vault panels can has a series of advantages:

  1. The ability to increase the usable area of the premises
  2. The minimum thickness of constructed structures
  3. The ease and convenience of delivery, rigging
  4. Possibility of installation at all temperatures
  5. Installation of armored vault panels can be performed at small sizes and heights of premises in any cramped conditions
  6. Immediately after the installation of protective panels you can begin work on the decoration
  7. High speed installation work
Armored burglar-proof and bullet-proof panel

All constructions of this type have a certificate conformity about bullet resistance and burglar resistance. In the case when the building fenced constructions (construction of method), you can make acts of the hidden works and expert issued a conclusion about compliance or non-compliance.

Armored vault panels are manufactured with a using a special technology and have less weight in relation to other types of materials. Light-weight armored panels allows to reduce the load on the ceiling, with makes possible the construction of the necessary premises in case of weight limit structures. After the installation works on the construction of armored panels you can immediately start to finishing, it allows reduces the time of repair work to a minimum. In addition, premises and partitions collected from the protective panels can be easy dismantled and transported to another location for re-assembly.

Company Armor Engineering offers the following range of vault panels:

  1. Burglar-proof armored protective panels I, II, III, V, VI, VII classes of resistance to cracking
  2. Protective collapsible panels facilitated type I, II, III classes of resistance to cracking
  3. Protective collapsible panels with bolted connections and light-weight painted in RAL colour I, II, III classes of resistance to cracking
  4. Bullet-proof protective armored panels 1, 2, 3, 5, 5A, 6 and 6A bullet resistance classes
  5. Burglar-proof armored protective panels of high protection classes VIII, IX, X, XI classes of resistance to cracking

At the request of the customer, our company is ready to consider the development and manufacture of individual armored protection panels and constructed of them armored modular constructions corresponding to a given class of protection according to ГОСТ Р 5113-93 and ГОСТ Р 51112-97.

We hope this information will be interesting and useful for you, please, contact our experts on the issue of cooperation in the production of armoured vault panels be the phone:
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