Security protection measures
Security protection measures

Company Armor Engineering engaged in the designing, supply, installation and maintenance of revolving doors manufactured by Saima Sicurezza, Tonali (Italy) and KBB International (China).

Revolving doors

Revolving door - this access system, which basically has a rotating drum and a movable leaf-blades (or "wings").

Revolving doors are characterized by high functionality, prestige, reliability of automation, flawless execution and elegance. Models from glass, as well as variations with the use of elements of wood, aluminum and stainless steel allow to create a respectable appearance to any business or shopping center.

Revolving doors are designed for objects with large flows passing people, and for buildings with a small cross visitors. When rotating they share visitors on two isolated thread:

  1. The flow to input of the building
  2. The flow to output of the building

This ability of a revolving door is designed to prevent the formation of congestion in the doorway and increase the speeding of passenger.

Due to the fact that the diameters of the door may be different, they are appropriate in almost any buildings. It is installed in the buildings with a claim to greatness and in regular shopping centers.

Being a good barrier to penetration inside the cold air, revolving doors provide good heat protection and resist the penetration of drafts. In the halls of the buildings, where feature rotating door designs, drafts does not happen. Revolving doors can create an obstacle to the flow of air, noise and dust may be due to the fact that inside the construction formed by the air chamber, through which air currents do not penetrate in any position of (open or closed) door. High level of sound insulation, protection from dust, wind and precipitation inside the premises - it is advantage, due to which these doors are always in demand. Additional thermal protection is easily achieved by means of built inside the revolving system design supply heat.

The main advantages of a revolving door:

  1. High functionality
  2. Large bandwidth
  3. Heat-protection of buildings
  4. The ability to create of barrier dust and noise
Revolving doors

Revolving door is a rather complex access system for a security perspective. For increase the flow of people passing through them, producers set a high rotation speed. The operation of the system becomes extremely uncomfortable and sometimes represents a danger to people passing through incorrectly configured the door.

To ensure the safety of the people, revolving doors are equipped with sensitive sensors that are triggered at the slightest contact with body parts, clothes or things and instantly blocking the rotational movement.

In emergency cases, for example when turned off the electricity, the event of fire, or for any reason is automatic blocked, doors are set in motion by hand lever. This prevents the blocking of the people in revolving doors.

Revolving doors differ in the number of wings. It may has two, three and four wings.

These doors are driven by actuators of various types:

  1. Manual
  2. Two-speed
  3. Servations
  4. Automatic

Most often practiced frameless glass revolving design, not blocking view. It create a visual effect of transparency and openness. In addition to glass, in the finish can be applied and opaque materials: wood, aluminum, stainless steel.

Options finishing metallic components revolving doors:

  1. Powder paint
  2. Anodizing steel (silver, bronze, black metallic)
  3. Stainless steel
  4. Natural wood

Revolving doors shall be designed and installed only by professionals. This door requires special care and accuracy in the implementation of installation works. Because one part of it located in inside of the premises and the other is on the outside, on the correct operation of the system of rotation is influenced by the most minor changes in floor level, the shrinkage of the soil and other moments that are important for the installation. Therefor, before installation, as a rule, perform the preparatory works.

The main applications of revolving doors are very diverse:

  1. Railway stations and airports
  2. The underground
  3. Public institutions
  4. Business centers and facilities for individual offices
  5. Shopping and entertainment complexes
  6. Galleries
  7. Hotels and restaurants
  8. Theatres and cinemas
  9. Sports complex
  10. The buildings of the sanatorium-resort destination and hospitals
Revolving doors

Our company carries out a full complex of works on installation of revolving doors. Depending on what bandwidth should have a revolving door, our experts select the most appropriate variant of the input to the building.

This approach provides visitors with maximum comfort and the owners of buildings - sensible savings.

At customer request, our company is ready to consider possibility of the designing, supply, installation and maintenance of the revolving doors.

We hope this information will be interesting and useful for you, please, contact our experts on the issue of cooperation in the production of revolving doors be the phone:
8-495-409-13-53 or mail

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